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I am an architect, designer, and craftsman who creates elegant and simple pieces using precious woods. I take the time to craft each piece myself with keen attention to detail, often using dry joints. 

Once your order is placed, every piece will be handcrafted from the very raw piece of wood, and I will keep you updated as your design piece comes to life!  You'll be able to see every step of the process, from the rough shaping of the wood to the intricate details of the design.

I hope you enjoy it!

The pieces.



Perfect for a desk or a night stand. Warm light. African iroko and brass details.

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A single Oak shelf interlocked with a walnut anchor on the wall.

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Seamless joint between oak shelves and iroko uprights locked by a brass dowel. It can be 1,2 or 3 shelves.
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Two boards of chestnut dry-joined with iroko legs.

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An oak decagon with linoleum skin supported by 20 interlocking walnut legs.

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Card pocket

Sliding container made with two contrasting woods: dark brazilian itauba and light walnut.

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Inner case made of cypress, held together by outer frame of walnut. All pieces fit and lock together.

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Wall ledge

Two small sliding pieces create a ledge on the wall where a postcard, a painting, a photo or just your cellphone can rest for a bit.
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in touch!

Whether you need custom dimensions for a piece of the catalogue or you have a specific request, feel free to contact me!



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