Terms & conditions.

Only two hands, πŸ™οΈ

Every piece in this catalogue is crafted only by me, so keep in mind that it takes time and dedication for each of these pieces to be crafted and delivered with top notch quality. Once you purchase an item, you will be notified about its production and delivery time which I try to keep as short as possible.

Once an item’s productions time exceeds 5 weeks, it will be listed as out of stock. You can write me to get notified when it becomes available again. 

Wood is alive! 🌲

Every piece of wood is unique as it was once a living being. Therefore you can always expect every piece to be different, color and grain wise. Wood can also warp, shrink, swell and crack as it ages and also depending on atmospheric conditions. I do my best to work with well seasoned high quality woods, but these factors can never be 100% ruled out.

Take that back. πŸ“¦

I try my best to have the items arrive in its pristine form to you, but if unfortunately an item gets damaged on its way, or it arrives with any sort of malfunction, I will arrange a pick up courrier free of cost. If for some reason, you are not satisfied with an item, you have 15 days to return it and you will be refunded once the item arrives back in my shop. The cost of the return shipping will be carried by the customer if the reason for the return is other than malfunction or damages.

Privacy policy. πŸ’Ύ

The information collected once you purchase an item will never be shared with anyone. It will be used only for the purpose of communication between you and me, and it will only be shared with the company responsible for delivering the item to you. Once an item has been succesfully delivered, I will keep your data for 28 days and it will then be deleted permanently. 

Back to soil. 🌱

All wood was once a living and sentient organism, so I have taken the commitment to donate 1% of the value of my pieces to www.cauverycalling.org an organization in south India that has planted over 90 million trees.