About us:


We are an architecture and craftmanship studio currently based in Milan and Empoli. Zeroma was founded in 2017 by Daniel del Castaño and Niccolò Genesio.

Daniel (left) is a Venezuelan born architect who arrived in Italy in 2010, graduated from Politecnico di Milano and worked at Piuarch studio before shifting to craftsmanship and design.

Niccolò (right) born in Florence, graduated from Università degli studi di Firenze, collaborated at David Chipperfield Architects while living in Berlin, later to return to Italy where he would spend 8 years working at Piuarch studio in Milan.

Combining different backgrounds and skills, we opened a studio and a workshop where projects are conceived, developed and crafted at different scales. 

We collaborate with:

FAW parteners︎︎︎ | Architecture.
salotto︎︎︎ | Comunication 
Jenny Spagnolatti. 
Andrea Marelli | Interior design
Lorenzo di Blasi | Structural engineering
Andrea Sforzin | Rendering
Marcello Mariana | Photography︎︎︎
Luigi Fiano | Photography︎︎︎
Archiground studio︎︎︎
Alan Milliken︎︎︎